"Goodbeer STAND" has opened on the 10th floor of the commercial building "KITTE Hakata" which is in front of Hakata Station in Fukuoka.

On April 21, 2016 (Thursday), Nide Inc. (Location: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo — Representative director: Osamu Iijima) opened "Goodbeer STAND by Goodbeer faucets," a craft beer specialty restaurant and the company's 4th restaurant, on the 10th floor of "KITTE Hakata," a large-scale commercial establishment in Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City.

It is a craft beer restaurant where customers can enjoy as many as 25 varieties of craft beer and meals, and it is a sister store to "Goodbeer faucets" restaurants in Shibuya, Tokyo and Haruyoshi, Fukuoka City.


The defining characteristics of "Goodbeer STAND by Goodbeer faucets" are as follows.

■ Dishes that combine Kyushu's ingredients with global recipes.
We offer a fusion that produces a synergy of flavors by having our dishes combine numerous beer styles with the "EAT LOCAL, DIP GLOBAL" concept.


Mains are a selection of hearty dishes that include the wagyu (Japanese beef) STAND burger, which is made by hand from wagyu patties, and rotisserie chicken, which uses whole chickens that have been marinated in a secret sauce then baked in a rotisserie oven. Furthermore, we also have menu items that are unique to the Kyushu region such as Itoshima vegetable sticks that use Kyushu vegetables, tapas that includes Kyushu vegetable and quinoa salad, and mizutaki baked risotto that uses mizutaki (a one-pot Fukuoka specialty), creating a richly varied menu lineup.
During lunchtime and cafe time, we offer meals that correspond to the time period.


■ A lineup of craft beers that includes original house beers.
We offer a lineup of 7 original house beers that can only be found here and at our sister restaurants.
We developed "Mugen Dark Saison" as a collaboration beer with Kyoto Brewing Co. to coincide with the restaurant's opening. It is characterized by the Saison style's light taste despite having the appearance of a dark beer. It is a beer that we recommend particularly to those who dislike dark beer, which has a reputation for intense bitterness.
Not only do we have craft beers from all over Japan, we also stock rare and limited overseas beers that have been carefully selected from countries such as the United States, Belgium, and Germany, and are difficult to find in Japan.

"Note on Mugen Dark Saison"
*As Mugen Dark Saison was a limited beer made especially for the restaurant's opening, it is currently unavailable.


■ "Nitro Cold-Brew Coffee" poured from beer servers like beer
A new style of ice coffee popular in the US wherein cold-brew coffee is infused with nitrogen gas and poured from a beer server.
Much like with stout beer, a creamy foam swirls around within the glass, giving it a milky appearance that gradually darkens to the color of coffee as the foam rises. The fine bubbles not only give the coffee a creamy and mild flavor, but they also make it quite enjoyable to look at.
It is a drink that is made using select equipment and made possible precisely because we are a craft beer specialty restaurant.
We highly recommend it for customers who dislike beer or are unable to drink.


The restaurant's expansive interior is divided into a counter that encloses the 25 beer taps, a casual bar area consisting of high tables, and a restaurant area where customers can take their time to enjoy meals and beers on sofas and chairs. Whether it be a short break during a shopping trip or a light after-party following a meal, we have a place that suits every scenario.


Additionally, at "Goodbeer STAND by Goodbeer faucets," we have also done a number of collaborations with several companies.

■ Collaborative menu items with cookware by French company "STAUB"
"STAUB" is a brand that produces enameled cast iron cookware using traditional French manufacturing methods. Through a collaboration with this company, we have developed two original menu items.
・STAUB cuisine
A dish that combines house-made Angus roast beef and seasonal vegetables in STAUB cookware. It is characterized by thick cuts with soft, steak-like textures, and rich flavors.
・STAUB dessert of the month
A menu item that changes every month and uses STAUB's ceramic cookware.
It is a new dessert concept that overturns the conventional image of STAUB cookware being used to slowly cook main courses.

■ Printed uniforms by JESSE, the guitarist/vocalist for RIZE/The BONEZ
Through his work with mixture rock bands RIZE and The BONEZ that represent Japan, JESSE has received charismatic support in both the music and cultural scenes. We created uniforms through collaborative designing and printing with "JESSI'S SHOP & FACTORY," a lifestyle and brand that he started.

■ "LIBBEY" beer glasses that further enhance both flavor and taste
Founded in the US in 1818, "LIBBEY" is now established in 100 countries worldwide and is the world's No. 1 commercial glassware brand. Thanks to this company that boasts state-of-the-art glass-making technology, we use glasses that draw out and maximize the flavor of our beers.

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 KITTE Hakata 10F, Hakata Station Chuogai 9-1, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

・Business hours:
 Lunchtime: 11:00~15:00
 Cafe time: 15:00~17:00
 Dinner time: 17:00~23:00

・Days off:

・Number of seats:

・TEL : 092-260-6373
・FAX : 092-260-6374
・mail : info@goodbeerstand.jp

・URL : http://goodbeerstand.jp
・Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/GoodbeerSTAND