Since its founding, nide Inc. has operated two lines of business.
The first of these, the Creative Division, engages in client projects, which mainly include the design of advertising materials and direction work.
The second, the Beer & Food Division, works on restaurant development and management as well as e-commerce projects with the goal of bringing craft beer into the Japanese culture.

Thus far, we have worked with a spirit of challenge and persistence to win your trust in pursuing our business and have made achievements in each category.
Both the "Creative" and the "Beer & Food" divisions have refined their knowledge and technique through experience, giving birth to insight and wisdom.

Now, nide Inc. is entering a new phase.
While, as a matter of course, continuing to conduct the business of each division in a professional manner, we will also create a fusion of knowledge and experience across the categories in order to create a new business.

Design considerations, including how to create and grow our customers' brands.
Add to that shop operation and maintenance, from shop production and design based on budget management all the way to personnel recruiting after the shop opens.
And in addition, even business-building solutions, including product and community development.

Growing strongly based on our roots in design, we are confident that our knowledge, experience and thinking format has what it takes to provide the support your business needs in order to truly take off.