Thank you for all the support on 2016 and Close information

Thank you for all the support on 2016
Since of resent development in our Haru-yoshi bar area and our self motivated will to improve our current location
we are launching a "RE:boot project" to all of you !

Dew to this reason we will close our bar from the first of January for renewal to follow.
We are currently developing a system and working with our staff to make our place even more enjoyable and appreciable for great beers from around the world and different mood and atmosphere.

But before we are closing for RE:boot just a little more surprise for you all
We will keep updating our facebook page regularly during our closing period and keep you informed of " new things to come "

In the meanwhile all our fans and friends can enjoy our Goodbeer STAND by Goodbeer faucets (KITTE hakata) beer bar which will operate constantly through the year.