Goodbeer STAND KITTE HAKATA - Announcing the Unrivaled Tag Team of Our Tower Hamburger and Craft Beer

In order to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Goodbeer STAND KITTE HAKATA (Hakata, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka), owned and operated by nide inc. (Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo - President: Osamu Iijima), we have created a completely renewed menu as of May 1st. Our homemade patties are now better than ever, and our monthly burger for May will be a special "Beef & Beef Burger."

■ Juicy Homemade Patties! Our Specialty Tower Hamburger
The centerpiece of our new menu is our hamburger, with an even tastier homemade patty and overall flavor.
We use ample amounts of beef in our patties and have spent long hours experimenting to get the perfect flavor in combination with other ingredients in the patty. The combination of the crunch from the toasted buns and the juicy flavor of the meat makes for a truly amazing burger.

Customers may choose from either a beef or fish base for their patty, with a total of nine varieties available on the menu. Available toppings include regulars, such as avocado and cheese, along with more exotic options, including salsa and jalapenos, so that customers can customize their burgers as they see fit.
Our double cheeseburger stacks up to a full 14cm, giving it the nickname "Tower Hamburger," and is one of our most recommended menu items.


■ Seven Varieties of Craft Beer Unique to Our Restaurant! All Perfect Matches For Our Hamburgers!
We keep 15 varieties of craft beer on top from both domestic and overseas breweries, and the long line of beer taps behind the bar counter makes our restaurant stand out from the rest.
Among these beers are our special "house beers," which can only be found here and at our sister restaurants. We offer seven different house beers, including cream ales, IPAs, and blonde ales, and each beer is a different style.

■ May's Monthly Burger is a Special "Beef & Beef Burger" - Made With a Beef Patty + Roast Beef!
We offer a new "monthly burger" each month, and May's burger is a special "Beef & Beef Burger" made by stacking roast beef on top of our beef patty (¥1,500, tax included).
Each of these meats has its own flavor and texture and is simply seasoned with only a touch of richly flavorful truffle salt. With the further addition of garlic chips, this burger is a real treat and will leave you satisfied without feeling too heavy.

We also offer an a la carte menu, homemade tapas, and other menu items along with our burgers. We're located right beside Hakata Station, making it easy for our customers to enjoy craft beer while waiting for their bullet train or flight. We hope you'll take the time to come see us!

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