The "CRAFT MEAT" logo mark was posted on the design book "Decoration · Graphics".

The "CRAFT MEAT" logo mark was posted on the design book "Decoration · Graphics".

The outline is as follows.

We were charged with handling the branding for a newly opened meat and craft beer restaurant five minutes' walk from Tamachi Station, Craft Meat.
The new restaurant is the third in the Craft Meat group. The remaining two restaurants are the direct successors of Shibaura offal restaurant Yakiniku Harumi, which was established in 1954.

The restaurant group, which has faithfully followed in the tradition of Shibaura offal, took on a new challenge with the opening of this restaurant, developing a menu focused not on offal, but beef, pork, chicken, and lamb. The dishes can be enjoyed paired with a range of craft beers.

We were charged with creating all of the elements that would reflect the Craft Meat brand image—first coming up with a name for the new restaurant, as well as creating a logo, business cards and coasters, signs and graphics for the walls.

The restaurant also introduced a new beer serving system for use with its range of craft beers.
A craft beer expert was brought in by nide Inc. Beer & Food Division to explain how to operate the system.
With a 10-day curriculum leading up to opening day, consisting of both lectures—of which on-the-job training was an important part—and practice, staff were taught the basic skills required to serve craft beer to customers.

We would like to invite everyone to take a look.

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