TAPでTAP – Tokyo Beer Rally | 東京ビアウィーク2015
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TAP de TAP - Tokyo Beer Rally | Tokyo Beer Week 2015

We want to share our fascination with beer with more people.
We want people to enjoy beer in a way only possible through the culture of Tokyo.
We want to do something new with beer.
It is these desires which led to the starting of this project.

Our proposal was for a digital stamp rally which could be performed using smartphones.
We devised a system using a card printed with special electrostatic ink which would react to the screen of the smartphone and display an animation of the stamp being applied when the card was placed over the screen.

The design for the project included a vector illustration of a beer tap, as well as icons of beer barrels and glasses, and we did our best to create these designs in such a way that users would want to go out and drink and participate in the event.

Customers who visited participating establishments were able to use "TAP in TAP" as a natural way to spark conversation and successfully communicate their fascination with beer.

The ability to participate in the rally with nothing more than a smartphone piqued the interests of users in its newness and simplicity, and we were able to provide an enjoyable experience for a large number of people through this event.

OSAMU IIJIMA : Creative Direction, Art Direction
REINA YAMAGISHI : Produce, Direction, Project Management