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The collaboration project between Kobe businesses and creators KOBE BEPPIN-EXPO

The Kobe Beppin Expo is an event in which the government and citizens come together in order to spread the Kobe brand around the nation.
We created a website that offers comprehensive information on this event.

The main mission was to create a site that gives users an intuitive feel for the energy of the expo, an event that is "both quintessentially Japanese and typical of Kobe when seen from the world", "artistic, novel and interesting" and that shows that "Kobe is vibrant and thriving".

We created a design with a dynamic layout and colour scheme, that is easy to update with the ever increasing information that accompanies the event's growth.

OSAMU IIJIMA : Art Direction
RYOSUKE EBISAWA : Design, Project Management
MACOTO CHITOSE : Frontend Development
YUYA AZAMI : Frontend Development