週刊少年ジャンプ展 VOL.2 屋外広告 & 号外新聞


50th Anniversary Campaign Weekly Shonen Jump Exhibition VOL.2 Outdoor Advertising & Special Edition Newspapers

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of Weekly Shonen Jump, and as part of promotional activities for the Weekly Shonen Jump Exhibition VOL.2, we created outdoor advertising and special edition newspapers.

For a large-scale advertising campaign released in JR Shinjuku Station, we designed reproductions of panels from "Dragon Ball", "Rokudenashi Blues", and "Yu Yu Hakusho". By placing reproductions of manga panels in frames and displaying them as ads, we built anticipation and awareness to lure prospective viewers to the exhibition. And furthermore, by blurring out portions of famous scenes from each of the represented manga - accompanied by the tagline, "To be continued at the Jump Exhibition" - we devised messaging that would communicate to viewers that they could enjoy and continue the experience at the actual exhibition.

We created 4 types of special edition newspapers: the "Dragon Ball" edition, "Rokudenashi Blues" edition, "SLAM DUNK" edition, and "Yu-Gi-Oh !" edition. We wrote up famous scenes from each respective manga as news articles of incidents and events as if they had truly happened, and distributed them in 4 separate areas as a one-day-only event.

These outdoor ads and special edition newspapers received a great deal of posting and sharing by users on social media, and succeeded in creating immense buzz about the Jump Exhibition.

RYOSUKE EBISAWA:Art Direction / Design
YUYA SASAKI:Project Manager