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Escape from the locked down murder mansion.

We were in charge of the web application design and implementation of "Escape from the Locked Murder Mansion", an escape game experience completed on website, provided by SCRAP.

Users purchase a link to access the real experience browser game and the story unfolds. We paid particular attention to the design tone in order to pull the players in to a surreal world and tried to render detailed display and easy puzzle solving when making this game.

As players are residents of the mansion in the story and try to solve the case with the help of other residents, we prepared mimic chat function and devices that are used to draw players' attention and focus on the case.

By making the UI easy to use so as not to confuse the users, our design took UX into consideration so that users can immerse themselves in the game itself. We built a mockup at the beginning stage of the project to visualize the user flow. With a shared image with our client in our head, we continuously brushed it up until completion.

At nide Inc., we make web applications that not only create graphics to deliver the conceived image and immerse you in another world, but also have excellent functions that attract users to continue playing.

※This application is subject to payment.
Please be aware that this is linked to the purchase page of the application, which is different from the actual work.

SCRAP Co., Ltd.
REINA YAMAGISHI : Direction, Project Management
KEI SHIBUSAWA : Frontend Development
KOHEI FUKUZUMI : Frontend Development