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French Gohan Nishiazabu GINA

Japanese cuisine + French cuisine = French Gohan.
The redesign of the website for the restaurant, Gina, that was opened based on the above concept.

Since the restaurant was founded on a new concept, the client was in a state of uncertainty over how best to express the idea of "French Gohan" to users, and by what method. We began this project after having been commissioned to redefine and brand "French Gohan".

The result of many discussions was the creation of a brand slogan written in concise language and the key visuals, and we took both of these as the criteria by which to guide the design of the website. On the page that details the monthly changing multiple course menu we succeeded in applying a design that, even with an embedded content management system so that it can be updated on the client side, doesn't detract from the "sizzle" afforded by the images of beautiful food.

We are also in charge of the visuals and directing the food photography.

OSAMU IIJIMA : Creative Direction, Copy Writing
REKI ITO : Produce, Direction
RYOSUKE EBISAWA : Art Direction, Design
MASAHITO ANDO : Frontend Development
RYO SATO : Frontend Development
SHUTARO MATSUHASHI : Backend Development