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The corporate site for TSUTO Inc.,
as commissioned by Mr. Yoichi Kondo -- art director / package designer, when he founded this new business.
On this occasion, Mr. Kondo made three main requests.

The site had to play the role of a portfolio, with Mr. Kondo's past works displayed on the front page.
Then, it had to be laid out in such a way that Mr. Kondo could continuously update it himself.
Finally, it had to have a simple design.

Mr. Kondo himself has a wealth of knowledge about the creative side of things.
We held numerous intensive meetings on the image and overall presentation of the site as a whole.
The result is a design that, while simple, draws the eye powerfully to Mr. Kondo's collected works.

Particularly captivating are the thumbnail images woven into the colorful tile-based UI on the front page,
and the package images on the lower pages.
As per his request, all of these have been designed and posted by Mr. Kondo himself since the site's initial release.
In order to completely leverage Mr. Kondo's great art direction abilities,
we stressed flexibility and high usability in designing the template,
and enduring simplicity in designing the CMS.
In doing so, we have created a site that is highly browsable as a portfolio.

Additionally, through discussions on an approach to branding,
we propose and provide basic SEO/SEM measures.

Nov. 14, 2016
KAIRI KAWASAKI : Direction, Project Management
RYOSUKE EBISAWA : Art Direction, Design
YUJI SHIRAMOTO : Frontend Development, Backend Development