ジャンプ展PRESENTS 90s フキダシ超難解クイズ
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Introducing the Most Incredibly Difficult Quiz in Shonen Jump History! Jump Exhibition Presents - '90s Extreme Difficulty Speech Bubble Quiz

We have created a quiz to serve as a promotion for Weekly Shonen Jump Exhibition VOL. 2, an event being held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump.

The quiz leaves only the speech bubbles of famous scenes from works published in Weekly Shonen Jump editions from the 1990s and has the participant try to guess the scene.
While the goal is to get 100 questions correct in a row, the screens displayed for wrong guesses include images of characters from each of the works who make fun of or cheer on the quiz-taker, making for a quiz design that makes even wrong guesses enjoyable and has the quiz-taker wanting to try again and again.
A lot of effort has been put into the image designs for each work as well in order to help spread the word about this quiz on SNS through image sharing.

This quiz should serve to provide a way for all to discover the characteristics of these works and new ways to enjoy them as they imagine the famous scenes of the past from empty speech bubbles.

YUASA YOSUKE: Art Direction / Design
YUYA SASAKI:Project Management