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Visioning x Logic Vision Forest

Presenting a website renewal of the new human resources/organizational innovation program "Vision Forest" - provided by the strategic consulting firm "SIGMAXYZ."
"Vision Forest" is a completely new format, and altogether different from standard consulting plans.
We were commissioned to create this website,
before even the client had an answer as to how to express it in a web format.
And so, we participated in the "Vision Forest" seminars to see it for ourselves,
conducted hearings on the values and experiences of the program,
analyzed their services and verbalized their content. And from there, the project began its start.
As we analyzed the service from a variety of perspectives,
we extracted keywords that would form the basis of the key copy which we proposed.
With the key copy words "Visioning x Logic" forming the axis of the concept,
we began constructing and writing the overall messaging of this website.
By spending time conducting thorough and careful hearings and discussions,
we succeeded in delivering a website that expressed all of the things
that our client truly wanted to communicate, and even gave rise to new discoveries
and a sense of satisfaction through verbalization from the client, for which we received high praise.
The copywriting, icons, and schematics we subsequently produced far exceeded
the normal standards of website creativity, and were utilized by the client as sales tools and materials.

Vision Forest
REINA YAMAGISHI : Produce, Direction
RYOSUKE EBISAWA : Art Direction, Design