WingArc1st – Branding OOH
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WingArc1st - Branding OOH

We produced visuals, outdoor advertising, and a website for the purpose of branding WingArc1st Inc.

The visuals will stream on train channels, taxi ads, and news apps, and will be displayed on the large screen digital billboard inside the Nanboku Line Roppongi-itchome Station.

The messaging was centered around the main copy of the client's business model, which states,
"With the power of data, we can unleash each person's potential."

The main visuals were propelled by the use of BMX rider Rim Nakamura (signed by WingArc1st),
who symbolizes the potential of human energy, unleashed by the power of data, as evidenced by the support Nakamura was provided - with data being utilized to improve his competitive performance.

We also incorporated the client's wishes to reflect their concept of using the power of
data to make contributions to a diverse range of business situations,
by utilizing graphic design and visual direction to portray data in visual forms enriching business.

OSAMU IIJIMA : Creative Direction
RYOSUKE EBISAWA : Art Direction, Design
IPPEI KURIYA : Direction