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RIM NAKAMURA × WingArc1st - Special Site

In January 2019, the OOH Train Channel advertisement featuring BMX rider Rim Nakamura
was greeted with highly positive responses from both within and outside the company.
In order to solidify the image of Rim x WingArc1st, we created a special BMX Rider: Rim Nakamura site
along with corresponding interior design for the office entrance.

WingArc1st, whose mission is to "bring value to information,
revolution to business, and future to society," is working to support the athlete's performance
through the power of data. Our design is made not only to publicize their support activities
but to also increase awareness of BMX as a sport.

The office entrance design is cohesive with the OOH advertisement
and website visuals in order to give visitors the same experience in person as on the website.
We provided our expertise on how and where to construct
the new interior as well as managed the on-site construction.

RYOSUKE EBISAWA : Art Direction, Design
IPPEI KURIYA : Direction