Laff International – Website Renewal
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Driving the Japanese craft beer industry, with a focus on equipment and the technical aspect Laff International

From microbreweries to large-scale breweries and distilleries,
to eateries of all sorts, to draft beer systems.
The corporate website for Laff International, Limited has been updated,
so as to better support all aspects of design, construction, and on-site administration relating to beverages.

Laff International has a close relationship with our Beer & Food division,
collaborating on projects such as the design and construction of the beer systems in Goodbeer faucets.
For many years, though, Laff International's corporate site had provided only a minimum of information.
The company, which also receives many inquiries from outside of Japan, had just one condition.

They wanted to give a thorough accounting of their achievements so far.

However, as Laff International has a major influence on the future of craft beer in Japan,
we provided comprehensive service that included branding,
taking into account Laff International's accomplishments and capabilities.

In order to convey Laff International's uncompromisingly straightforward approach,
we have put together a resolutely simple design and layout that eschew fancy production,
and enhanced the site further with high-quality images and video of the company's workmanship.
Also, in order to improve the requested presentation of Laff International's track record as well as the pipeline for inquiries,
we have precisely categorized the details of Laff International's extremely broad business activities and accomplishments,
and designed the site's content and connectivity with user flow in mind.
Additionally, we have worked to ensure continued usability for the site,
with the use of side-by-side English and Japanese-language content, SEO fundamentals, and a CMS.

Finally, as for internal tools, we have offered updated business card design that matches the website,
as well as worked optimization through the introduction of G Suite.

OSAMU IIJIMA : Planning, Direction
KAIRI KAWASAKI : Direction, Project Management
YUJI SHIRAMOTO : Frontend Development, Backend Development