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We were in charge of the art direction and design of the main pages in the web magazine website production that is newly undertaken by the monthly magazine regarding food, "dancyu" (first published in December 1990) published by President Inc.

As a hands-on media that enriches the food and lifestyles of foodies across the country, it is a media website that proposes new experiences of food to daily living while delivering people, things and matters related to food through the viewpoint of dancyu.

As the management of the article via CMS is indispensable, the method of expressing the regular template structure, which is output as data, in the worldview of dancyu through design was an important issue.

With the magazine "dancyu" as a base, we discussed the elements that are the basis of the worldview and analyzed that the power of photographs that decorate the surface of the paper and the bold yet unique copy work attracts people, while the strength of planning gives persuasive power and maintains the trust as a specialty paper for food.
To maximally express the dancyu-likeness created by these elements on the website, I was convinced that the design needs to be incorporated with an expression that balances strong will and strength while being simple at the same time, and we started trial production.

After undergoing various design verification, we were able to integrate a top page design which boldly incorporated the layout according to the article's category and section, while having regularity to the data structure.
Furthermore, on the article detail page, a module that allows you to carefully introduce recipes and store information as though it is on a page.
The design firmly reflects where the points of importance by dancyu is firmly reflected on the website.

By removing the side by side arrangement like a general magazine site, we were able to finish a dancyu-like website, where you can feel the degree of freedom like the layout on a page as well as the attention to details.

At nide Inc., we analyze and rebuild the essential world view of the brand, and then support the first step of a new business through the power of design.

REINA YAMAGISHI : Direction, Project Management