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Zanpa de Zanpai !

Even if it's something you wouldn't usually drink, why not try Zanpa (awamori) when you travel to Okinawa,
or eat at an Okinawan restaurant?

In order to break down this status quo, where Zanpa (awamori) is only associated with Okinawa,
we carried out a promotion designed to universalize Zanpa (awamori),
making it more familiar to people and changing the question of "Where can I drink it?" to "When?"

By introducing episodic failures of famous and powerful people with the slogan,
"Zanpa de Zanpai Shiyo!*" our advertising campaign sought to have our audience feel that anyone,
even great people, can fail, and that by drinking Zanpa
they will be able to reset themselves post-failure and do their best tomorrow.

(*Let's Fail with Zanpa! Zanpai is a play on words with the Japanese word for "cheers," kanpai.)

As the Higa Brewery had registered March 8th as "Zanpa Day,"
we conducted large-scale promotional activities around Hakata Station between March 4th and 17th,
with what we called "Zanpa Week."

We "train-jacked" the Hakata City Subway, distributed sample bottles of Zanpa at JR Hakata City,
and set up a special limited-time-only "ZANPAI STAND" at GoodBeerSTAND inside KITTE Hakata
serving original Zanpa cocktails and accompanying foods to the public.

We also distributed free pamphlets showing originally-developed cocktails and food recipes,
resulting in a promotion that gave the public an opportunity to become more familiar with Zanpa (awamori).

有限会社 比嘉酒造
OSAMU IIJIMA : Creative Direction
RYOSUKE EBISAWA : Art Direction, Design
YOSUKE YUASA : Art Direction, Design
IPPEI KURIYA : Direction