集英社 2022年度定期採用情報
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Shueisha Recruitment Information for 2022

We created a regular recruitment website for Shueisha, a general publishing company
that publishes a variety of books, such as comics, magazines, books, and digital contents.

There is a different theme for the recruitment website every year, based on the ideas
from new employees joining Shueisha, and this year, the theme was "Every masterpiece starts out blank."
The visual motif of the site is a "blank" bundle of samples from the production of a book,
and the entire site is designed to convey the excitement of Shueisha's work,
which involves creating something from nothing and delivering exciting content to the world.
Shueisha was very happy with what they saw on the page, in which, as you scroll,
you will see new things being created one after another,
so that students looking for jobs can read through the pages with excitement.

This time, with Shueisha's recruitment website, one of the points we focused on was to design pages
that would be easy to read and view, in order to take advantage of the rich content
that is not only aimed at job hunters - such as interviews with senior employees and those
who have been offered jobs - but also appreciated by Shueisha fans, such as a roundtable discussion with past editors of "Demon Slayer," which has seen a huge hit in comics, anime, and movies.

nide Inc. specializes in website design and construction
that utilizes base themes and concepts to suit the purpose and use of the client's site.
We can also interview you and propose some solutions based on that,
if you want to maximize the appeal of your website's content but are not sure how to do so.

REINA YAMAGISHI : Produce, Direction
CHIAKI YOSHIMIZU : Project Management
RYOSUKE EBISAWA : Art Direction, Design
TADASHI OKABE : Frontend Development