WingArc1st – Product Site Renewal
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WingArc1st - Product Site Renewal

We established design guidelines and redesigned all product websites, service catalogs,
and service introduction movies for WingArc 1st, a provider of software that enhances information utilization
and business efficiency based on business forms, data utilization, and BI.

Before the renewal, each product website was created by the department in charge based on their own ideas.
As a result, the design tone and UI design for each product differed from each other,
lacking a sense of unity in many respects over a long period of operation
as a group of services provided by a single company.

In order to establish a consistent tone and manner for WingArc 1st products,
we first reorganized the product logo specifications, colors, fonts, etc.,
which had become ambiguous, and then created redefined design guidelines.
The tone of the illustrations used by the company in various media was also redefined to convey humanity, expressions, and rules were established for the images to be presented to the users.

We then worked closely with the client to review the design, UI, and page structure of each product website based on the ideas in the guidelines we had created, and implemented a series of website renewals for each product.
The renewal of all product websites was accomplished over the course of a year.
The illustrations, icons, and graphics created based on the guidelines are widely used not only on the website,
but also in printed materials, advertising banners, and sales materials.
Together with the design guidelines, they also play a role in internal branding.

Furthermore, we extended the guidelines to external branding and produced the main visuals, website,
and merchandise for "updataNOW21," an online conference hosted by the company.

nide inc. specializes not only in external branding such as website production
but also in internal branding through guideline development and design direction.

IPPEI KURIYA : Produce, Direction, Project Management
CHIAKI YOSHIMIZU : Project Management

OSAMU IIJIMA : Art Direction, Design
RYOSUKE EBISAWA : Art Direction, Design

KEI SHIBUSAWA : Frontend Development
KOHEI FUKUZUMI : Frontend Development
SHINNOSUKE KURITA : Frontend Development
ATSUKI TAKAHASHI : Frontend Development
TADASHI OKABE : Frontend Development