集英社 2024年度定期採用情報
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Regular recruitment information for Shueisha for FY2024

For 2022 and 2023, we have once again been tasked with designing the regular recruitment website of Shueisha,
a general publisher that produces a variety of cultural publications such as comics,
magazines, books, and digital content.

Every year, we incorporate the ideas of new employees into the website,
and our theme this time around was "My starting point was something I was passionate about back then"
The main visual is a collection of photos from that time, which is the story of "what I was obsessed with that day"
that became the starting point for the current career for the employees.

The animation that runs along the side represents the flow of time connecting "back in the day" to the present.
The blinking eyes character is placed in the title logo and on each page.
In alignment with the theme, we came up with a playful design using animations
that appear to be reading episodes and each content absorbedly.

We designed the animations in such a way that you can enjoy reading each and every page alongside this character,
and feel excitement about your future through this website.

nide Inc. specializes in designing and building websites
that harness a basic theme or concept that is suited to the purpose or goal of the website.
If you wish to create a website that can maximize the appeal of your content but are unsure how to do so,
we would be delighted to listen to your needs and work with you to achieve your goal.

CHIAKI YOSHIMIZU : Direction, Project Management
RYOSUKE EBISAWA : Art Direction, Design
KOHEI FUKUZUMI : Technical Direction, Frontend Development
ATSUKI TAKAHASHI : Frontend Development