CHARLE SELFIA – Renewal 2016
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CHARLE SELFIA - Website Renewal (2016)

This is the website of the women's underwear and cosmetics brand CHARLE SELFIA, which entrusted nide Inc. with the design of its website when it first launched in 2015.

For this update, the brand, which had previously used its website primarily to emphasize the appeal of its products, wanted to place a stronger focus on its brand concept of supporting mothers who want to be beautiful.
As the first step to accomplishing this goal, we designed and created new content in the form of articles, dubbed "Mom's Beauty Journey", in order to share information that would be of use to mothers in various age groups.

For the creation of this new content, nide Inc. was not only responsible for the content itself, but also played an integral role in the entire creation process, from suggesting visual concepts for each age group to directing photo shoots with models. The finished product is this colorful, dramatic page design.

Because the brand plans to update the content periodically, we also introduced a content management system which enables the user to easily release new content and update existing content.

In addition to expanding the range of content, we also tidied up the links found throughout the website's content, implemented a basic SEO strategy, and increased accessibility.

KENTO FUKUDA : Produce, Planning
YUYA SASAKI : Produce, Direction, Project Management
KAIRI KAWASAKI : Direction, Project Management
RYOSUKE EBISAWA : Art Direction, Design
KEI SHIBUSAWA : Frontend Development
SHUTARO MATSUHASHI : Frontend Development