WingArc1st – Web CM 「データ活用が挑戦を支える力になる with 中村輪夢」
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Data Utilization Empowers Challenges with Rim Nakamura WingArc1st - Web CM

We produced a web commercial aimed at branding for Wing Arc 1st Inc.

The commercial features BMX rider Rim Nakamura (affiliated with the company), who enhances his performance with the company's data utilization support, as a symbol of this effort.

The company's message, "Unleashing the potential of individuals through the power of data," is explored through the theme of "challenge," with the main copy "Data Utilization Empowers Challenges" constructed around this message. The video was planned and filmed with this message at its core.

In the video, we link scenes of Nakamura's practice with business, illustrating how each individual's trial and error becomes data that empowers new challenges.

Additionally, the background music features "Jigajisanka" by singer-songwriter TOCCHI, adding emotional depth to the video and making it appealing to a wider audience beyond just the business scene.

At nide Inc., we not only handle creative aspects such as shooting direction but also offer message development and video planning proposals centered on branding.

OSAMU IIJIMA : Creative Direction
IPPEI KURIYA : Produce, Direction, Project Management
RYOSUKE EBISAWA : Art Direction, Design