Gold School — Website Renewal
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Gold School — Website Renewal

This is the website for Gold School, a school offering sports classes in its various studios located mainly in the Kanto area.

Prior to the revamping of the website, the client was experiencing problems updating the site and with the lead for customer trial visit applications, which could be considered the main objective of the website. We were chiefly requested to remedy these areas.

Particularly with regards to the latter issue, the problem was not that the client was receiving very few applications, which is common in such cases, but that the company was receiving a lot of inquiries from customers that were lacking in content. This was due to the site’s defects and inadequacies with regards to content, the lead, and questions. The work of dealing with this problem on a daily basis was becoming very burdensome. Such were the client's concerns.

We responded by reorganizing the site content and redesigning the leads/the lead, as per the client’s request. Not only that, but, while interviewing the client multiple times, we also made numerous additional proposals that would work to reduce the client’s operational costs. These included adding information, such as Frequently Asked Questions, that would work in place of inquiries, and creating a function that predicts answers to questions based on the user's movement around the site.

In terms of design, we kept in mind the company’s concept, which is to communicate how much fun sports can be, and applied various ideas that would excite users while making an image-based appeal about the studios' programs. We laid out large-sized photographs showing classes in action and added color elements, inserting them at critical points.

At the same time, using large images can give websites a loose, sloppy look, so we solved this problem with a design gimmick: a background color arranged impressively on a diagonal guides the user’s eyes toward the lower section of the page and naturally encourages downward scrolling.

We went beyond proposing simple information design for the website and also took on the task of solving the client’s business problems—a very nide Inc. style of job.

YUYA SASAKI : Produce, Planning
KAIRI KAWASAKI : Direction, Planning, Project Management, Technical Direction, Frontend Development
TATSUHIKO SAITO : Art Direction, Design