"WhatYa" Brand Logo Design

Their customer support service, "WhatYa", makes use of an AI chat bot provided by SOLAIRO Inc.
The logo made originally by the company itself was already recognized when they started their service.
However, due to their desire to change the design to have their brand ideals better communicated to customers,
they consulted with us over its brand logo renewal during their service expansion phase.

Through several consultations, several issues relating to the previous brand logo emerged.
The old logo did not express the services and vision of the company through its design,
and it also lacked a clear guideline for expanding its service plans.

Through service analysis, we produced several keywords such as "communication to connect",
"fun talk (WhatYa WhatYa)", and "story making through AI" which are the basis of the design concept.
We created numerous prototype designs based on this.

The final brand logo has the brand idea of a fun and continuous communication created by AI at its core.
We succeeded in expressing the passion behind their service in the design.

The new logo was highly regarded by clients and it was mentioned in the interview article
on the making of the brand logo.

OSAMU IIJIMA : Produce, Art Direction
CHIAKI YOSHIMIZU : Project Management
RYOSUKE EBISAWA : Art Direction, Design