ジャンプ展PRESENTS 90s 巻末コメントジェネレーター
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Let’s give shape to your impression of Jump Exhibition imitating the style of the table of contents at the back of the book! Jump Exhibition PRESENTS 90s The Back-of-the-Book Comments Generator

We created the promotion content for Weekly Shonen Jump Exhibition Vol.20, which will be held in commemoration of Weekly Shonen Jump’s 50th anniversary of foundation.

On the content, when you input the comment on your impression of visiting Jump Exhibition, the image, which is designed paying homage to the familiar table of the contents at the back of the Shonen Jump magazine, is generated with comic artists’ comments.
The content is designed to be so attractive that users, including those who have never been to the exhibition, are likely to want to play repeatedly, as, in the generated image, you can read precious comic artists’ comments exclusively to the venue, Mobs from each comic story are assigned to your own icon at random, and so on.

Besides, we have succeeded in stimulating communications about topics of Jump Exhibition, for the topics of this content have been much posted and shared on SNS.

RYOSUKE EBISAWA:Art Direction / Design
YUYA SASAKI:Project Manager