集英社 2023年度定期採用情報
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Regular recruitment information for Shueisha for FY2023

As with FY2022, we have been tasked with designing the regular recruitment website of Shueisha,
a general publisher that produces a variety of cultural publications
such as comics, magazines, books, and digital content.

Each year, we design the recruitment website based on the ideas of new employees that have joined the company.
This year's theme is "nurturing seeds."
For the main visuals of the website, we created an animation of a seed in a hand that gradually grows
into a large tree while bearing fruits that symbolize various items associated with the publisher.

Shueisha, which will soon be commemorating its 100th anniversary,
hopes to enrich the publishing industry alongside its new employees as
it carefully nurtures not only authors and content but also a diverse range of "seeds"
that include new values and talents.

The website design features the base colors of green and beige throughout,
which evoke the warmth of spring, so that visitors can enjoy the warm tones
while browsing the attractive content that has been developed based on the theme of "nurturing seeds."

The content showcasing the enthusiasm of employees who are passionately engaged in their work blends
in seamlessly with the warm feel inspired by the growth of plants,
a combination that has helped to attract many applications from prospective employees this year.

nide Inc. specializes in designing and building websites
that harness a basic theme or concept that is suited to the purpose or goal of the website.
If you wish to create a website that can maximize the appeal of your content but are unsure how to do so,
we would be delighted to listen to your needs and work with you to achieve your goal.

REINA YAMAGISHI : Produce, Direction
CHIAKI YOSHIMIZU : Project Management
RYOSUKE EBISAWA : Art Direction, Design
TADASHI OKABE : Technical Direction, Frontend Development
ATSUKI TAKAHASHI : Frontend Development